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Innovation Home Services works with the best in the industry. Our vision starts with the goal of making solar, simple and affordable for everyone. Since 2012, Floridians have been trusting us to provide the resources and knowledge they need in order to achieve their solar power goals. Through our focus on customer service, dedication to customer relationships, and passion for innovation energy technologies, we've positioned ourselves to be the industry leaders that can adapt and grown along with the evolving solar landscape. 

Our mission is to empower home and business owners with the right to choose where their energy comes from. 

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What people say about Solar Energy with Innovation

Carolyn, Hilaire

I never would have imagined going solar. But it was time, and we love it! Every step of the process was properly done and highly reccomended. 

Glenn, Witter

Everything in the transition went smoothly and it has eliminated my electricity bill, also helping the environment. It's a win win situation

Eduardo, Mesidor

Professional, very organized and handled any  issues immediately , customer service and management were great!

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